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                What is Mead?

                Mead sometimes called “the drink of the gods,” mead has been cultivated and consumed across the world for a millennium. It is the world oldest alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey. It is made by fermenting honey with water and often adding other fruits or spices. It has been consumed all over the world for centuries. Flavours can vary wildly based on the fruit or flavours used, but a true one will be sweet and strong, with ABV ranging anywhere from 4% to 20%. The modern variety of this beverage has been embraced by craft brewers, who now churn out a wide variety of flavours from very dry to sweet or more fruit-heavy meads with spicy flavours. It’s available in both sparkling and still versions.


                Our Honey Wine Mead is 12.5 Vol It is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting Organic Honey it is not mixed with any fruits or spices. It is made from 100% Pure Organic Hungarian Honey based on traditional recipe hence giving the unique creation of different flavours dependant on the flavour of honey use. Our Honey-Wine Mead is not made from mix flower honey thereby guarantee premium quality ingredients and unique taste like no other! Delicious flavours to choose from, Amor, Riverside Wildflower and Acacia.

                Here are Some Health Benefits of Mead

                Mead has a rich supply of various substances, including minerals, protein, vitamins, anti toxic, and sugars that make it beneficial for the body. It is also one of the world’s oldest probiotic drinks, containing bacteria and yeast. Let us discuss the benefits:

                • Boosts Immunity: Mead boosts the immune system against antibiotic-resistant pathogens
                • Fights Infections: Mead made with fresh honey, in particular, contains high levels of lactic acid bacteria, which comes from the stomach of the bees. This imbues the honey with powerful infection-fighting properties
                • Detoxifies the body: It is an alcoholic brew full of antioxidants, especially mead made with dark honey. This makes it an ideal way to lower chronic inflammation and free radical activity when consumed in moderation.

                Why choose Honey Heaven Honey Wine Mead

                Hungarian Honey Wine Mead made from Organic Honeys are well known all over the world for their outstanding quality. All our Honey Wine come from the Hungarian countryside an area of pristine natural beauty where you will find an impressive landscape, unique net of rivers and channels, fresh and nice nature free of pollution, dotted by wild Acacia forest and flowery meadow of fragrant Amorpha Fruticosa flowers, provides the perfect setting for collecting the finest single-flower honey for our Honey Wine Mead.

                The Honey Wine Mead is ethically extracted using the old traditional methods in a sustainable manner and in total harmony with nature. The result is the unique creation of outstanding premium top quality healthy products of different flavours dependent on the flavour of honey use teeming with mother nature's natural goodness. Our main goal is supporting small scale beekeepers this helps us to provide you with outstanding premium quality Honey Wine Mead as mother nature intended. All our products are GMO & Gluten-Free!

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