At Mushroom Honey, we take immense pride in our products and partner with wholesalers to create long-term co-beneficial relationships.

We work with both small independent wholesalers as well as large.

Silvia knew 2023 was the year to launch her Organic Mushroom Honey, the product was perfect after years of development, and the consumers are now open to the benefits of mushrooms and their adaptogens.

This product is the first of its kind and has incredible versatility for consumers. We know from consumer feedback that it's going to be extremely popular.

 Our Organic Mushroom Honey is

  • Totally organic
  • It has the power of 7 mushrooms
  • Contains Organic mushrooms grown in Hampshire, UK
  • Has an exquisite rich cocoa taste
  • It is High In Adaptogens
  • First of its kind on the market

Please download our Wholesaler Presentation for further details about the product and its unique position within the current Adaptogens and nootropics marketplace.



Silvia looks forward to hearing from you info@honeyheaven.co.uk